December 23, 2010

South County Derby Girls in A Nutshell

Christmas Poem to Our coaches
This Poem Was Written By Our Junior Derby Girl Elphie

Split blood is red & bruises are blue
Our coaches kick ass & they're teaching us too

We start the derby day by stretching with stripper,
then do cat/cow looking like fools but we're not bitter

First we might start off doing weaves & assists,
then the new girls join in and damn they persist

As we're skating in circles going around & around,
knees bent, ass out, doing cross-overs making sure not to hit the ground

Then we might start something called a scrimmage,
you can tell by looking around we're not exactly the normal image

As we're trying to make a wall while everyone's yelling jammer,
with beautiful panties on our helmets we're skating with glamor

As we're skating Barbie yells "Shut the F&*^ up while I'm talking" 
Lalas the pivot, We're the South County Derby Girls & damn we're gonna live it!

We'll do the Hokey Pokey at the end of the day,
Barbie may not wanna do it but we'll make her anyway

This is a poem for our three lovely ladies who teach us everything we know,
& we all love you & have the bruises to show!
Your South County Derby Girls

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